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Puch the axis renewel includes the following work and parts:

disassemble and assemble final drive
clean and paint the axle tube
renew differential gear and bearings
adjust and seal backlash
replace and adjust all drive shaft bearings, steering knuckle bearings and wheel bearings

Attention: NO oil filled!
due the transport, we cannot deliver the axle with oil filled, the oil level MUST be filled and checked after the axle has been installed! (observe manufacturer information)
scope of delivery: axle tube, wheel drive to wheel hub without brakeparts
to ensure that you get the right part, we need your vehicle-identification-number please!

Please send the entire old part to us for inspection, if the old part is complete you will receive a refund of your deposit.
In the event of an incomplete return, we will contact you immediately.
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3,799.17 excl. € 1,200.00 Pledge
(excl. 20% VAT.)
Delivery time on request
useable for
PuchG-Class250 GD (Radstand 2400mm fester Aufbau 3-türig)
PuchG-Class250 GD (Radstand 2400mm Planenverdeck 3-türig)
PuchG-Class250 GD (Radstand 2850mm fester Aufbau 5-türig Funkwagen)
PuchG-Class250 GD (Radstand 2850mm fester Aufbau 5-türig)
PuchG-Class250 GD (Radstand 2850mm Planenverdeck 3-türig)
PuchG-Class290 GD (Radstand 2850mm fester Aufbau 5-türig Sonderschutz)
PuchG-Class290 GD (Radstand 2850mm Planenverdeck 3-türig)
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