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How can running be so pleasant? With our new rubber boots, we focus on comfort, robustness and maximum performance – for all weather conditions. They are handmade and provide perfect protection against the cold, but can also be worn in heat. Effortless pulling out is no problem and thanks to adjustable straps they are adaptable to the calf. The Percussion rubber boots with Puch branding are resistant to external impact and wear. They have been tested many times and also remain without any signs of wear even at more than 300,000 bends (200km). They are a perfect companion in the off-road, but also when hunting or fishing. Despite the zipper, the rubber boots are 100% waterproof.

Product characteristics

• Waterproof natural rubber

• 4mm neoprene lining

• Removable sole

• Adjustable shaft width on full shaft length

• Non-slip rubber sole with deep and wide stud profile

• Steel insert as anti-torsion protection

• Comfortable cushioning

• Ergonomic shape

Care instructions for your boots:

Clean the shaft of your boots with an ink and lukewarm soapy water (with neutral pH). Please do not use solvents, scrubbing powder or even scrubbing sponges. Clean the sole with a hard brush and clear water. To dry, place your boots upright in the air, protected from direct sunlight and artificial heat sources. If the lining of your boots is very moist, cover the boots with crumpled newsprint to remove the moisture. White patches on the boots may occur. However, these do not affect the quality in any way. You can remove them with a boot care spray.

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