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Puch Attention: The motor must first be sent to S-TEC, then processing begins as follows:
- Engine block with new pistons, oversized, if necessary
- Polish and straighten the crankshaft, replace if necessary (original EB)
- Renew main and connecting rod bearings
- Overhaul cylinder head, replace chain drive
- Oil pan
- Glow plugs
- Valve cover
- Vibration damper (front)
- New water pump (original EB)
- Closed oil circuit with oil filter and new oil cooler
- Repaired injectors (with test bench run)
- Repaired high pressure pump (with test bench run)
We deliver our basic engines without attachments: For example, without a servo pump, alternator or air conditioning compressor. Each engine is assembled according to the manufacturer's specifications and then filled with oil under pressure (ensures pre-lubrication).
If the engine has previously been damaged, check / clean / replace the catalytic converter / DPF
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(excl. 20% VAT.)
Delivery time on request
useable for
Mercedes-BenzG-ClassG 320 CDI (463.303)
Mercedes-BenzG-ClassG 320 CDI (463.340, 463.341, 463.343)
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